Where do you find a reliable Belleville moving company?

Talk with everyone you know. Almost everyone has moved at least once in their lifetime, so ask your family, friends or co-workers if they can recommend a good Belleville moving company. Check with your Realtor that helped you find your new home. A realtor can usually give you some good recommendations based on the experience of their other clients. Look for moving vehicles that are working in your city if you're planning a local move. You know there’s a reason why they’re so busy if you repeatedly see the trucks and vans of a specific Belleville moving company.

Use the computer to search the web. A lot of moving companies maintain a website listing their services, how long they’ve been in business, the areas they cover as well as an online estimator page to help you get an initial idea of how much the move will cost you. You can get their address and phone number as well as an email address if you want to ask any questions. While you’re searching the internet you can also do a background check on any Belleville moving company that you find.

Getting a Quote from the Belleville Movers

After you compile your list, it’s time to call the Better Business Bureau to determine if anyone has ever filed a complaint about one of the companies you have in mind. It’s not unusual to find that even a good Belleville moving company has a couple of complaints on file but it is important to find out what the complaints were and if they were resolve satisfactorily.

It’s a good idea to make a list before you call any Belleville moving company. Write down how many rooms you need to be moved, if you have any large pieces such as a piano or oversized curio cabinet and make sure you include the garage or utility shed if you have one. Your list doesn’t have to be very elaborate but it will help you convey to the Belleville moving company what you need to have moved.

Choosing Your Belleville Movers

You may find that comparing quotes can be a bit confusing. You’ll find that pricing can be very different as can available services and the methods that each company uses to arrive at their estimate. You’ll find that while one Belleville moving company may charge by the load, another may charge by the hour or even by the room.

Be sure that you understand how each Belleville moving company puts together their estimate and that everything is written in detail. Be certain to read any fine print. You need to know what your options are should there be any damages. Some companies won't pay for damages if you packed your belongings yourself unless it can be proved that the damage was a direct cause of their mishandling.

Once you have some information on each Belleville moving company and compare the bids they have given you, you can then narrow your choice down the one Belleville moving company that you feel will do the best job. Moving can indeed be a very stressful time for many people. The last thing that anyone wants to worry about is careless movers or lost or damaged belongings. In the end when you see the moving van pull away from the curb, you want to know you’ve chosen the right Belleville moving company to get your belongings safely to their new home.

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